Family in their new home

About Robert Wilson Homes

If there's one thing Robert Wilson Homes is really about, it's this – making self-build more accessible, and more enjoyable.

Robert on a diggerWhen Robert built his first home, we soon realised that the knowledge we acquired during the project could be the key to unlocking the dreams and aspirations of many other would-be self-builders.

And by utilising modern methods of construction, we could offer a house building service that would outperform homes built using more traditional methods without costing the earth, from both a financial and ecological point of view.

We understand that, although most people would love to build their own 'custom' home, many don't. It can be the idea of financing the project, or problems trying to find the right piece of land, or by the mysteries of the planning process. Our aim, therefore, is to give that extra level of support to you, so you can make the dream of building your own home a reality.

And our commitment to you is very simple. Every new home we build is built as though it's for Robert himself!