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Self-Build with Robert Wilson HomesUsing modern methods of construction for your dream home

At Robert Wilson Homes, we use the very latest materials and techniques to build beautiful homes for our customers that will out-perform traditionally built properties, both in terms of comfort and performance.

Our customers are typically people who want to self-build a new home for their family, or those who want to extend their existing property to add space and value to their home.

Either way, by using Robert Wilson Homes you'll benefit by working with an established local house builder who will be sensitive to your unique set of requirements and pro-active towards helping you achieve the most from your project.

How We Build New Homes

As a modern house builder, we combine traditional techniques and materials with new and advanced building systems to create properties that will out-perform those built purely from traditional methods.

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Our Self-Build Packages

We offer two building packages. The right one for you will depend on how much work you want to take on yourself.

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Sustainable Self-Builds

Like many others, Robert Wilson Homes recognises there is a pressing need to build homes that are sustainable, i.e. homes that will not impact negatively on future generations.

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Get in Touch

To make an enquiry about the ways in which we can help you with self-building your new home in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire, simply email us at Or complete the form below, where you can also upload your project drawings for quotation if you have them electronically.

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